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FAQ Re-Coll

    How should I take Re-Coll supplements?

    Different foods can affect a supplement’s digestion, absorption, and metabolism differently. As all Re-Coll supplements contain fat soluble vitamins (A, D,E, K), we recommend taking them with a meal containing fat.

    How long before I see the effects of Re-Coll products?

    Some of the ingredients in our products work immediately and others take up to 12 weeks before their beneficial effects are seen.

    How long should I take Re-Coll products?

    Re-Coll products can be used all year round.

    Who are Re-Coll products suitable for?

    We have designed our products to positively improve the health and appearance of the hair and skin of everyone. Whilst we have formulated the products provide benefits for all age groups. Our products are best suited to help individuals aged 24 years upwards.

    How do I know the products are of the highest quality?

    We manufacture all our products in the UK in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9001 certified facilities. All ingredients in our scientifically formulated products have been carefully chosen with the help of dermatologists.

    Do the “natural” and “clean” labels on skin care products mean anything?

    The skin care market is vast, and “natural” brands represent the largest contributor to market growth. Owing to the desire of consumers to use products that are both safe and nontoxic.
    The labels “clean” and “natural” however, mean very little when providing assurances that these products are safer for consumers. This is Compared with products that don’t contain these labels. Re-Coll products are scientifically formulated in consideration of ingredient safety first. Then provide what we feel are both safe and effective products to fit your needs.

    What are NRV’s?

    The Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) are a system of nutrition recommendations for the least amount of essential vitamins and minerals to consume per dayAt these levels, you should not expect negative health effects from malnutrition related deficiency. Contrary to popular belief, NRVs do not represent ideal amounts. The Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) is the maximum safe amount.

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