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    What Is glucomannan?

    Glucomannan or Konjac has a long history of being used in traditional Chinese medicines. Traditionaly they used the plant to help detoxify and ease asthma symptoms as well as make food. Today, Glucomannan supplements can aid in weight loss and the maintenance of blood cholesterol levels. Glucomannan has known to have amazing water absorption capacities. Reportedly being able to absorb over 50 times its weight. Because of this, Glucomannan can is often used in diet food. Glucomannan is most commonly found in pastas and noodles often appear on labels as E425 .

    What Does Glucomannan Supplements Do?

    Glucomannan is an absorbent fibre that helps to create a gel-like substance in your stomach. The gel then helps provide a sense of fullness. This can then help keep you fuller for longer periods of time by reducing your appetite. Additionally to this, the gel slowly breaks down carbohydrates. Alongside stabilising post-meal blood sugars. The Konjac plant is also said to have several other medical benefits such as supporting a healthy gut. Because of its viscous properties, glucomannan is a favourite of friendly bacteria in our gut.

    In 2005 the Norway University of Tromso conducted a study that found that people who consumed glucomannan lost more weight compared to those who didn’t. It was also reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that glucomannan may reduce cholesterol levels. Research suggests that glucomannan alters cholesterol in two ways. At first, it alters the way the liver produces cholesterol, followed by the way our body stores fats and uses energy

    How Much SlenderAid Can I Take?

    SlenderAid recommends taking 1 sachet 3 times a day before a meal. To take SlenderAid mix 1 sachet with 300 to 500ml of water. We do not recommend SlenderAid for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

    Are There Any Side-Effects Of Taking Glucomannan Supplements?

    In general glucomannan has little side-effects however mild side-effects can include:

    • Bloating
    • Flatulence
    • Soft stool
    • Diarrhoea

    Why Does SlenderAid Use White Kidney Beans?

    White kidney bean is a natural weight loss often marketed as a carbohydrate blocker or starch neutraliser. Experts claim that white kidney beans block the breakdown and digestion of starch. Additionally, research shows that kidney beans are effective in managing diabetes. Research says that White kidney beans are capable of reducing levels of blood sugar and insulin in the body.

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