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A beginners guide to training

    Before you begin your fitness journey, there are a few things you should consider. First of all, what are you eating? Are these the kinds of foods you should be eating? Second, how often do you train? What is your training regimen? Is your training in line with your goals? Last but not least, what limitations or restrictions do you have with regards to nutrition? Do you get what you need when you need it?

    Why Start?

    When people start going to the gym for the first time, it’s typically because of a desire to improve. This usually includes a desire to improve their appearance and their health or to perform better at sports. The first step to starting something new is to understand the reason why you are doing so.

    Training and food

    At the very least, we should eat a diet that contains a balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. At the very start, increase your protein intake by eating real foods or taking protein supplements. But it is important you don’t ignore fats and carbohydrates. The first few weeks of training are critical for ensuring proper nutrition. Your body is going to be in shock, and nutrition can assist in the speedy recovery process.

    Training Schedule

    Training frequency can vary depending on your level of desire to change, as well as your job or social commitments. During the beginning of your training, you should train as frequently as possible while your motivation is high. As you adjust to this initial shock, your body will probably start to adapt quite quickly. This does not mean you’ll see results right away. But your body mechanics will adapt and your training will become more efficient as you become more familiar with the process.

    Rest Days and Sleep

    While you should train, it is vitally important to also understand the value of recovery. Try to give yourself at least 1/2 a day of rest per week as a general rule. As you progress, you can increase or decrease this frequency. However, be cautious during the early stages. The more you skimp on recovery days, the more likely you are to hit a plateau in your training progress. This is where your progress will either slow down or . Sleep is also extremely important. Our bodies, and most importantly our nervous systems, get a chance to reboot and renew themselves during sleep.

    Training Choices

    A mistake that many people make is exercising their choice. When it comes to training, different exercises will have different physiological effects on the body. For example to achieve fat loss you may benefit from a combination of resistance training (compound moves) and high intensity interval training. It is important you do your own research and speak to experts to make a training plan right for you.

    Our Advice

    Although you are training for a particular goal it is important that you still have fun. When training in the beginning you are bound to make mistakes. Do not put pressure on your self to be perfect from the start. Learn from these mistakes and rectify them next time. Use resources such as the internet and experts to learn new techniques and ask for advice.


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